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My name is Grant Pope, and I am currently a Computer Science student at Morehouse Collge, Class of 2017. I was born in Nashville, Tennesse and have one sibling, Gary Pope. I have always had a passion for sports; most of my life has been devoted to basketball. Basketball has provided me various opportunities to travel the United States. As I have began to transition into a scientist, I have still been able to travel nationally and attend conferences, but now I am able to see technologies and also learn about the worlds next big thing. As you dig deeper into the site, you should see my previous and current work. Beware you may see something you like!


Morehouse Makerspace - This is a site for Morehouse's cooperative laboratory workspace where students and faculty can make things, conduct research and collaborate. The site is also a collaborative tool for registered students and faculty to be able to propose/register/view projects. Also, members can schedule time to work in the lab, view the equipment, and recieve training for the various equipment in the lab. 

Scientific Literacy Center - This site is a tool for students with an intent to declare a major in STEM. College freshman and high school students are the primary students targeted because of recent studies conducted by the Scientific Literacy Center in college freshman who decleared science majors. Half of these students scored 65% or lower on a scientific literacy test.

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